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Miss Mermaid

The world's first mermaid pageant, Miss Mermaid brings mermaiding, modeling and activism together on a worldwide scale to help Save The Oceans. Our two winners, Miss Mermaid USA & Miss Mermaid America, will represent our country at Miss Mermaid International 2022 to compete for the world title!

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Miss Mermaid USA 2022


Photo by Justin Lutsky

Together with
Nikki IMG_5479.jpeg
Miss Mermaid America 2022


Photo by Dan Compton

Will compete at
Miss Mermaid International 2022

Photo by Rioux Media

Becoming Miss Mermaid USA

Mermaids nationwide apply for 52 State Titles.

Finalists come together in sisterhood while competing in mermaid skills at the National Pageant!

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Join Us!​



Thanks for joining! Follow us on Instagram @missmermaid.usa for the most up to date news!

How to be a Mermaid Queen

Underwater Performance & Posing

This unique and challenging skill embodies the true magic of a mermaid in her natural element. Each mermaid delivers her best dive in a one-breath underwater show. Judges score her live performance as well as photos captured by an underwater photographer. The most graceful contestant wins the "Most Photogenic Underwater" award.


Miss Mermaid Arkansas 2022 - Brittany Sparkles

Photo by Adrienne Wilson

MissMermaidArizona--10 - Michelle Mozdzen.jpeg


Mermaids love getting crafty! Each contestant styles an on-land photoshoot with a theme to tell her story. She wears only art that she has handmade herself, including her mermaid top, accessories, hair and makeup. Bonus points are given for using eco-friendly materials! The mermaid with the most unique ensemble receives a sash for "Miss Creativity." The mermaid with the most votes in the online voting round wins the "People's Choice Award."

Miss Mermaid USA 2022 2nd Runner Up

Michelle Mozden - Miss Mermaid Arizona 

Photo by Zuzanna Czerny @mermaidzari

Long Distance Swim

In this challenging and athletic competition, mermaids swim their maximum distance in one breath in a mermaid tail. This horizontal "dive" allows each mermaid to safely push her physical abilities while avoiding the risks of vertical freediving. Full points are awarded when a mermaid swims 50 m (164 ft) and the mermaid that swims the farthest wins the "Best in Water" sash.


Video at Miss Mermaid International 2016 by Hubert Peus - Agentur PowerLine

Pageant Glamour


Miss Mermaid USA also includes traditional on-stage pageant categories such as Interview, Talent and Formal Wear. Wearing their most confident mermaid gowns, the Queens take to the runway to show their grace with human legs and to shine their personalities on the stage! A panel of judges score their poise and presence.


Miss Mermaid Wisconsin 2022 - Mermaid Echo

Photo by Create Well Underwater


Each mermaid develops a pageant platform based on a cause that is important to her. If she wins her chosen charity will receive all proceeds from Miss Mermaid USA fundraising campaigns during her reign! Whether cleaning up the ocean, educating children or supporting her community in her own unique way, our Queens shine as role models, leaders and influencers.


Miss Mermaid USA 2022 - Felicia Flahearty supports the Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Photo by John Lynagh

Get a Miss Mermaid USA Calendar when you donate to Save the Bay!
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The best part of Miss Mermaid is joining our family of empowered water women and supportive soul "seasters!" In pageantry, we compete not against each other, but to become the most expansive versions of ourselves. It's surprising how much you can shine when you have the strength of a national and international sisterhood behind you!


Miss Mermaid 2022 Finalists

Photo by Create Well Underwater



Mermaids come in every shape, size, pronoun and color of the rainbow! Our pageant has no limitations on body size, height or maternal/marriage status. You don't even have to have mermaid experience or your own mermaid tail. We invite all American water women age 18-36 to compete. Our diverse lineup of Miss Mermaids are making waves in the pageant world and we can't wait to expand to include Ms. and Mr. categories!*


Miss Mermaid USA Top 10 Finalist

Miss Mermaid Louisiana 2022 - Victoria Storm

Green Eyed Photography


*We love mermaids of all ages but our age category is controlled by our International parent pageant. We are petitioning for more inclusivity.

*If you are not a US citizen, we can also help represent mermaids from other North & South American countries.




Miss Mermaid USA & Miss Mermaid America will travel to Miss Mermaid International in late 2022 (stay tuned for details!). Mermaids from over 2 dozen countries around the world will join together for 2 weeks of mermaid and modeling action at a beautiful all-inclusive resort. This unique opportunity for patriotism, cultural exchange and mermaid fun is a once in a lifetime adventure! 

Miss Mermaid America 2022 - Nichole Wood

Miss Mermaid USA 2022 - Felicia Flaherty

Photo by Create Well Underwater

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